For the Button Box

 Original Tunes for Diatonic Accordion

 Anthony Bodenmiller

I play traditional music on fiddle and accordion. Out of that experience, I have composed tunes for the two-row button accordion. You are invited to listen to recordings of my original tunes, and if you are a button box player, there is tablature to see how I've worked them out.


It's always best to hear a tune before going to tablature, but tabs are helpful for the diatonic accordion player when considering the various buttons that can be used to play the same notes, on a draw or push across rows. There is no definitive way to play a tune, but the tabs I present provide one approach.

All of the tablature here is for the G/C accordion.

The system I use is the row method (also known as the Corgeron system). The rows are labeled by key. The underlined button numbers are played on the draw, numbers without the underline are played on the push. The left hand bass/chords are indicated below each measure.

Standard notation is included for the melody.

Please respect the copyright of the compositions, recordings and artwork on this site. 

© 2013  Anthony Bodenmiller